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​Empress no Yu

​♨Efficacy of hot springs

Narada no Sato is a hot spring with a quality of ``sodium chloride/hydrogen carbonate spring.''

It is effective for rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic eczema, women's diseases, neuralgia, wounds, burns, dermatitis, etc.

It is especially popular among people who suffer from skin problems such as atopic dermatitis due to its beautiful skin effect.


Furthermore, the hot springs at our hotel are fed directly from the source, so you can drink them as well. It is said to be effective for diabetes and atopic dermatitis.


●Spring temperature 42 degrees ●Gushing volume 6.6L/min (self-spouting)

●Sodium-chloride/hydrogen carbonate spring

●ph8.5. ●Total ingredients 1765.8mg/kg

♨The slimy secret

It is often said that ``hot springs with strong alkaline properties make you feel slimy,'' but the case of Empress-no-Yu is a little different.

The secret to slimy is that it has a high pH and low calcium and magnesium content.

This exquisite balance is truly a blessing of the earth. It is a hot spring that you cannot experience anywhere else.

♨The legend of Emperor Koken, the origin of the name “Empress no Yu”

"Empress" refers to Emperor Koken of the Nara period. In Narada, there is a legend related to Emperor Koken.


In addition, seven other things related to Emperor Koken have been passed down as the "Seven Wonders of Narada." Some of them still exist, so be sure to take a stroll around them.

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