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Due to a change in designated manager, we will be temporarily closed from March 18th to 31st. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

February 25, 2024

April 1stOn behalf of all management companies,General Incorporated Association Hikyo Wakuwaku EngineIt will be operated by.

Preparations are underway for the restaurant with the aim of opening from June to July. Until then, please use Kominka Cafe Locksmith.

The bathing hours will be changed from 9:00 to 19:00.

We look forward to your visit.

March 27, 2024



Narada Onsen Empress no Yu



The moment you step into the cypress bathtub, you will be instantly surrounded by air bubbles, and your body will be healed to the core.


I think it is probably the quality of the spring water that I have never tasted before.

Our hot springs are often described by our guests as ``slimy, smooth, and like lotion.''

Of course, it is a hot spring for beautiful skin that flows directly from the source.

Take a long soak in the slightly lukewarm water and let your body heal slowly.


Time: 9:00-19:00

​Fee: 700 yen (300 yen for children)​

​ Closed: Wednesday (the next day if it is a holiday)


Bath towel only 200 yen

Towel set 300 yen

【please note】

*Last reception is 30 minutes before closing time.

*This is the price for one bath.

*If you wish to stay for a long time, please use the "rest room".


Rest rooms

The best way to enjoy Narada no Sato is to spend the day lounging around in the rest room and soaking in the hot springs over and over again.

Enjoy the melty hot springs throughout the day and let it soak into your body.

Outside is an unexplored wilderness. You can hear the sound of water and the chirping of birds.

You can empty your head and doze off, bring your favorite book, or take a nap if you feel like dozing off.

If you're thinking of taking a short walk, there's a mountain photo gallery of the Southern Alps mountains in the back, as well as a local museum that tells about the culture of this unexplored region. There is also a shrine dedicated to Emperor Koken, from whom Empress-no-Yu is derived.

IMG_20200319_135933 - copy.jpg

If you're feeling a bit hungry, it's a luxury to enjoy a glass of beer with a snack of local konnyaku or yamame trout.

Once your body feels hot, it's time to take another bath in the hot springs.


Please spend a relaxing and luxurious day at Narada Village.


Restaurant Konbousu

​~The restaurant will be closed for a while.~

​※Meals areOld house cafe locksmithplease use.

When you come to Yamanashi, you must try the famous “Hoto”!

“Konbousu” is the only place in Hayakawa town where you can eat hoto. Please try it as a memory of your trip to Yamanashi.


Hoto, which has been loved by the people of Yamanashi Prefecture since ancient times, is a simple dish made by simmering flat wheat noodles with ingredients such as pumpkin, seasonal vegetables, and meat in miso.

The chewy noodles go well with the thick, rich soup. Once you taste it, you'll be addicted!


Time: 10:00-15:00​

​ Closed: Wednesday (the next day if it is a holiday)

​ *Please use the dining room with the "Konbousu" noren.


User guide


《By car》

​Tokyo-Nagano: Approximately 50 minutes from Shimobe Onsen Hayakawa IC

​       root


For Shizuoka: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tomizawa IC   


《By train/bus》

It is convenient to use the express bus (direct to Shinjuku) or the Hayakawacho shared bus from Shimobe Onsen Station (JR Minobu Line).

Expressway bus timetable (Yamanashi Kotsu Co., Ltd.)

Shimobe Onsen Station timetable (JR Tokai)

Bus timetable (pdf)

Bus fare table (pdf)

If you want to stay overnight and enjoy the hot springs, we recommend this inn!

Parking lot, surrounding information

​Please use the designated parking lot (Uiroji Temple). Beyond thatThere is no parking lotPlease be careful.

For information on nearby attractions, please see the Hayakawa Town Tourism Association page.

Touring the seven wonders of unexplored Narada and Japan's oldest Nishiyama hot spring village

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